viva las vandal 2017!

May 4, 2017 at 6:40 pm



A couple of years ago I had the idea of throwing a paint jam. My idea was pretty basic in the beginning, have some friends come out and paint and have a good time. So first I needed to pick a city to host it. I naturally thought of Los Angeles, but I wasn’t sure about finding enough wall space in one area that was easy for people to paint at once. I also had to take into account that LA is far on the west coast for a lot of people traveling.  And also LA can be a territorial place to paint for some outsiders.

Then I remembered Las Vegas. Vegas is a city made for travelers and hold events. It has space for painting with a good grouping of walls close to one another. And I had spoken with Ras One before about possibly throwing a jam. The other thing that made Vegas a great choice is it’s an easy city to fly into, get hotels and an easy city to get people to come visit for whatever reason.

 The 1st VIVA LAS VANDALS in 2016 was pretty laid back with about 30-40 people painting, very easy going. The 1st year people hadn’t heard much about the event. I had only advertised on Facebook and Instagram. I reached out a little and figured whoever was going to come would enjoy themselves and I wasn’t going to stress on it. I just wanted to get VIVA LAS VANDALS consistent, something people could look forward to. The first one was cool, mellow and a good time.

 This year I started reaching out 6 months before the event and people were definitely interested. I started putting a lineup together and posted about the event coming up and was instantly flooded with people wanting to paint. The 2017 VIVA LAS VANDALS  was filled with many great artists from all over the United States, Mexico and Canada.

 People started showing up throughout the first day on Friday the 21st Quickly I could tell the event was going to be larger than expected. The store owners and shop people in the area were a little weary at first, not wanting to change the art from 2016.  But once they saw the quality of artwork being done, they got excited about the event itself. Some store owners even opened up a few new walls for people to paint.

Saturday went well, with more people showing up to paint, plus lots of spectators and people taking pictures. There were also custom bicycle clubs riding through the Las Vegas Art District that day, who meshed in well, and were happy to see so much painting. On Saturday night the “Can’t Be Stopped” movie was played in an outdoors area attached to storefront/full bar, so the party continued on!

Here’s a few pics of the movie screening, and then the completed walls of Viva Las Vandals 17…


 A word of advice to anyone painting in Vegas. Try to finish on Saturday.  Between the sun, the drinking, and general craziness, it’s hard to give it your all on Sunday unless you’re strict! Pace yourself homie! By sunday you could walk around the 2 block area and take in all the fresh walls painted from that weekend.

The walls came out amazing. Both SOA’s wall on the gym and Gear’s sci fi themed production were amazing with everyone painting and killing it! The UTI’s also brought heat and Thanx One went wild on his solo wall. One of my personal favorites was Jaber and Fishe’s wall.

There were a few headaches, but still it was mostly fun, with the fun out weighing the bad by far. Next years event will be much much better with heads coming in from Europe to paint, as well as a larger vendor area and gallery shows at night. NHLV plans on having VIVA LAS VANDALS become a west coast event that people look forward to attending with more and more amazing artwork year after year.

A BIG thank you to the Las Vegas locals who helped with buff and clean up, and thank you to everyone who came out, brought heart and made the event fun. Next year will be right around the corner.

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Zone WST interview

November 13, 2014 at 12:49 pm


Zone WST has been painting for a while now, I’m sure you’ve seen his graffiti in a magazine or on the internet by now, he’s just known. When I had a chance to meet Zone in Las Vegas and ask him if he would be down to do an interview for Neighborhood Love, he was really cool, and just mellow and easy to deal with. That was nice in a sport where there is always a lot of ego flying around. I personally think Zone has mixed an old classic graffiti look, with a modern wildstyle with his hooks, bars, arrows and extensions. His graft it a blend of both, looking super clean, sharp and colors looking crisp at all times. I chose the first pic, because it too looks classic to me, a tribute to where it all started, you’re first spot you pieced in some abandon house, or dingy back alley or remote train or metro track somewhere. I’m feeling this first pic and hope you are too. Now read as we chop it up with Zone WST!


Neighborhood Love: 

What Neighborhood did you grow up in and what neighborhood do you represent or live in now?


I grew up in Spring Valley, an East San Diego neighborhood. Back in the early to late 80’s Spring Valley was a hotbed of Graffiti. Probably the highest concentration of writers were active in that part of the city during that time period. I believe it was due to the presence of the “2” and “5” yards, both in Spring Valley that Taze AKA Sake  and his crew were painting along with a bunch of other spots in the valley. Things were happening there, and with the Spring Valley Swap meet providing a rack spot for paint, all the pieces were in place for the seeds of graffiti to flourish. I was a young toy just taking it all in for the first couple years, until I finally  stepped into the arena in 1986. I think the heavy competition between all the writers really made us stronger as a group.Nowadays, I’m way out in the burbs with my family Just North of San Diego, but  me and my work will always be a reflection of the environment I came up in, and that was Spring Valley/San Diego.
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