Silver and Blue, Battle Los Angeles

August 8, 2013 at 7:53 pm


SILVER and BLUE Los Angeles Battle! It was a lot of fun with a really good turn out through out the day. The S&B Battle was held at The Graff Lab in Pico Union district of Los Angeles, with many venders showing fresh product and selling everything from cans to t-shirts.

There was a good family turn out, and I’m proud to say with many gangsters(not graff writers, just straight Gees) and graff writers in attendance, there were no problems or drama all day! There was a good mood among people and I have to say many youngsters and fans had a lot of love for the painters, and much support for Los Angeles graffiti. It was fresh watching the crews do there thing and rep those letters for all to see. On a personal note, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be judging all these amazing artists. In the end when both score cards were tallied, K4P and USC tied for winner, good times.


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GAW made a good solid showing, but didn’t flex to wild choosing to keep it classic.IMG_3122

SKA was super cleen and crisp, with wildstyle and tech styles combined, which is a personal favorite of mine. IMG_3121

K4P had really clean letters also with a nice flow and nice wall placement of their letters.IMG_3120

WCA really made a strong showing with some of the most pop on the wall. WCA was a real LA super crew back in the day, but is a little more quite these days, but they came through like gangbusters at the show!IMG_3063


STK had a nice flow on theur letters and I liked the idea they had a lot, I felt like something was missing in the final product though and could have been cleaner, but like I said, real fresh flow and idea on their crew letters.IMG_3118


UCA had both funk and techyness in their crew letters and bridged an old and new style together really nicely.A46

STP was in strong attendance at the show and was another crew that rocked a classic style.IMG_3117

RA was one of the crews to paint a funkier style with rounded out letters. My hat is off to them for doing something different than everyone else.IMG_3115

I thought the K2S letters were really fresh, mixing gangster and graffiti styles together. I also really liked the lean they put on their letters, but I wished they had cleaned the letters up just a little.IMG_3116


USC was very dynamic, with really good wall placement and a feel of energy as the letters exploded off the wall.IMG_3112

LTS had some of the older members paint for them and came out really strong and traditional. I was hoping to see some of the organic styles they are so known for these days.IMG_3113

UTI had good shading on their 3d, something that stood out against everyone else, and had a good showing, but I was hoping for some out of the box thinking from them also, something I felt like UTI did well seeing them paint as I grew up.IMG_3114


All these crews did a great job, and I have a lot of respect for all of them for great painting, with the added pressure of the crowd there too. It was a great day and tons of fun for all. Shout out to BESK for putting this show together, I look forward to seeing what the Silver and Blue shows evolve into in the future.