Peeped on the Streets…455er’s the sticker game!

April 1, 2014 at 9:15 am

As visual media changes and evolves, so do the streets. Where we once used markers and spray paint, as the years rolled on, we scribed plastic and glass; then etch batch to eat and fog the glass; then we pasted posters; then elaborate stencils; then fancy spray paint tips; then underground marketing aimed at a demographic…you get the idea. The game has changed and will continue to change. This brings us to one very popular medium today, the sticker.



Once only for cool skateboard companies and a few surf companies( in the 1980s), the sticker game has evolved from hand drawn name badges and mail stickers, to full color vinyl stickers with UV coating and un-peelable adhesives. One person who has followed and been a part of the sticker game for a while now is 455er of CBS crew. The first time I met 455er was at a Los Angeles graffiti store where he was frantically peeling and trading stickers with different heads. The dude had a huge assortment of combo stickers he had collabed with different artists that he was handing out.

Neighborhood Love sat down with 455er and chopped it up with him about his collection and his outlook on the sticky mess.

24th Street IMG_2993

At one time 455er was a more traditional graffiti writer out of Los Angeles’s San Gabriel Valley, but as the years have travelled he has moved more to collecting dfferent types of toys and gear and making and trading (and putting up!) stickers. 455er once worked at Beat Nonstop on melrose blvd, a store that had a huge graffiti and music scene traffic in the 1990s and 2000s. I asked 455er why he liked stickers and collectables so much.He told me in the beginning he didn’t have the money for costly prints or originals from artists, and stickers and toys were a way of getting something from the artists he liked for cheap. 455er says he still feels like stickers and toys are a form of original artwork from artists because only so many of them are made before they’re gone and are never seen again unless you get them, spot them, or hold onto them. I guess he was right, because stickers and toys have gone through the roof as collectables these days.

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455er says he plans to go onto bigger and bigger projects with more artists. More and more heads want to collaborate with him, and as more galleries have sticker art shows, and more and more people trade stickers, 455er plans on staying ahead of the game.

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