Peeped on the Streets

August 26, 2013 at 8:34 am

This first group of photos comes from Brooklyn, where 4sakn dropped a fresh piece. Elser came through and dropped a little Neighborhood Love logo, while in NYC, next to this burner. Nice use of colors as 4sakn tries new color combos.

It was humid as hell, but we came through, smashed it out and bounced, all in really good time. As usual, we had some local residents thank us for the colorful artwork, that was cool, and had a great time.


Hoacs killed this box truck! Hoacs painted this truck in Queens, NYC,  seriously, he is so clean on this one. Both myself and Sebs have to give a big thank you for the shout out on the piece too. I’ve been wanting to paint a box Truck for a while now, I hope mine comes out this fresh!

Here’s another one from 4sakn, posed up in front of a quick piece he rocked over in Jersey City. Nice day of painting from these pro’s.


This box truck is painted by Buff Monster, and made possible by Hoacs whose on the other side, done in Queens. I would love to catch a pic of this thing rolling. In fact if you do, please email it over to

Also, peep out Buff Monster painting in Bushwick Brooklyn, nice ice cream characters. Stay posted for more Peeped on the Streets!