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February 14, 2014 at 3:24 pm

LA Liber Amicorum

So many super talented people in here, from Risk, Pyro, Craola, Chaz, Eye One, Bob Roberts, Defer, Prime, just to name a few of all these amazing artists, check it out, you will not be disappointed!


Published on Oct 15, 2013

LA Liber Amicorum is a unique artists’ book that binds together 143 works on paper from more than 150 of Los Angeles’s leading graffiti and tattoo artists. The individuals creative approaches to letter forms, hand styles, symbols, signs, and themes display the city’s diverse landscape of graffiti and street art.

The title and the spirit of the book were inspired by a 400-year-old manuscript in the Getty Research Institute’s collections: a liber Amicorum (“book of friends”) was originally bound with blank leaves that multiple contributors then filled with illuminated coats of arms, watercolors, poetry, and calligraphy as mementos for the owner.

LA Liber Amicorum also emulates the black sketchbooks, or piecebooks, that street artists often carry with them and inscribe for each other. The Getty Black Book, as it is also known, gathers their work into a single book, symbolizing the transformation of the creative output by rival crews of street artists into a LA Book of Friends.

Cover art by Prime.

For more about LA Liber Amicorum and to the view the full artworks, visit the Getty Research Institute’s website:…