Peeped on the Streets, NYC

May 22, 2013 at 4:25 am


Lets take a second to talk about Graffiti and Street Art. People don’t always feel the two are on the same playing field, and they are not always wrong. Cost and Revs broke a lot of rules in their day and pioneered a lot of techniques used today; housepaint roller letters, xerox copied flier style paste ups, insane lean overs and roof tops. Now I know there’s always some people out there yelling “so-and-so did this before them, so-and-so did that first and they copied that, bla bla bla…”  But  no one did it like them or as much, period. Having said that, an artist I’ve been talking to for a couple of years, ENX has been doing her street art, and I asked her to send me pics from time to time of what she is up to and what she sees in New York. I was happy to hear she has been linking up with and putting in work with the KRT crew, COST-REVS-SET-KRT. Here’s some pics of what they have been up to, expect more in the future too.

Last thing, ENX has been rocking her wolfs for a while and I hope you are feeling them the way I am, enjoy!

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