Peeped on the Streets…I WUZ HERE!

June 27, 2013 at 12:47 am


I chopped it up with my boy Siri the other day about life, family and the CBS crew. He was in a great state of mind and had a bunch of positive things to say about the graff game and what I WUZ HERE is doing, so you know Neighborhood Love had to show that support! Siri talked about the future of CBS and where he and his crew is going, about trying to stay on a positive rout and about the rough past and thug life his crew has had.

Just incase you are new to the graff game CBS has a LONG Los Angeles history from the mid 1980s all the way till now, with no comebacks, no lulls, no slowing down over the years, just a steady climb to the top. CBS has expanded over the years out of LA to many cities and countries, but has kept a top shelf of artists as they’ve grown.

When we spoke of I WUZ HERE, he talked of upcoming graffiti events, about just getting back from painting in Texas and about continueing to put forth quality products and finishing a graffiti documentry.

They stay working. Show that support too!