NYC Legend Sen2

July 10, 2013 at 12:33 am


I had the honor to meet up with South Bronx and NYC legend Sen2 while in New York this last trip. Myself and 4SAKN went down to the South Bronx where Sen 2’s work space is and we chopped it up with this cool and humble guy as we laughed about graffiti war stories and plans for the future.

I asked him how the Graffiti game has been treating him and about how he feels about Graffiti and Street Art now being the high dollar ticket in the gallery world these days. Sen2 told me he’s very focused on his gallery game these days, having formed an artist coalition named A DYING BREED or ADB. ADB is a select group of artists, including Zimer and others who can hold their own on both walls and canvases. Sen2 told me he really enjoys doing canvases, and although some old school heads didn’t think it was graffiti, he explained to them he looked at his abstract canvases as the same as the fill in he does in his graffiti pieces, so to Sen2 it’s still the same. I have to say I agree, it may not be straight up graffiti letters, but he makes a good point. Plus I feel Sen2 has put in so much work and payed so many dues, and still drops so many fresh pieces that his canvases stand on their own.


Sen2 told me a little about his history, starting graffiti in the early 1980s and then getting serious with the Graff game in 1986. He painted in Puerto Rico most of his early graft career, but bounced back and forth from New York City to PR. We talked about painting and pushing yourself and about how as the years rolled on,watching who stayed with it, who faded away, and as the numbers went down, who got fresher and fresher.


Now I have to say New York started it all, we owe NYC for the graffiti movement. But I have felt as the graffiti game has evolved and moved on, and as the years roll on and artists get older and older its really only been a handful of heads that have been able to stay at the top. Sen2 is on of these artists in my mind. He doesn’t just do the same pieces he dropped in 1989 or 1999, he stays ahead of the curve with cutting edge fill ins, and constantly adding to his style. I can look at an 1980s Sen2, then a 1990s Sen2, and then look at what he’s doing now and see that progression. Not just progression, but improvement, sometimes they don’t always go hand in hand, but with Sen2 they do. I have to say it was great painting next to this Legend and I look forward to see what A DYING BREED produces in th-e up coming years. I’m sure Sen2 won’t slow down, I know he keeps me hustling to keep up, and he should keep you grinding and trying too homie.