RTD bus mobbers beef back in 1990.

August 11, 2013 at 12:01 pm

So I am writing this for those who remember and those who want to know. My memory is a little fuzzy on some parts, so don’t get mad if I don’t get my stories perfect, I’m trying my best. These pics are not from that day, but are too help paint the picture of what was going on at the time. Thank you to Sase and Soar NTS, NSR for the pics, and shout out to all that were there or who remember those days and wild times. Enjoy.


It was a school day, that I remember. I was on my 6th high school now, I just kept getting booted out from school to school. It was the end of the RTD bus mobber days, it was 1990, the tail end of the bus tagging terror. There was still RTD police, undercovers, and Hero’s were still dumb and brave enough to try and stop you from writing. I linked up with NTS that day, we were headed to Hunnington Park. It was Simple, Rist, Rust, and Shank NTS, NBT crews, and in downtown we linked up with Kae187 and Sae KTL crew who were destroying it at the time. As we rode the RTD we also ran into and linked up with Orbit NTS, KSR who was with his boy. I think I was one of the only writers there who wasn’t NTS, but man I loved NTS bus writer handstyles, so so fresh!


We started getting wild as we got closer and closer to the infamous Hunnington Park $2 movie theatre, where all kinds of LA bus mobbers used to meet up. The NTS crew started talking on the bus as we rode, chopping it up that there was beef brewing with a crew KCC. At the time Devo Kcc was crushing RTD lines, along with a couple of his crew mates, and it had started a little ego battle with NTS who had been on top of the bus game for the past couple years, atleast in that part of LA for sure.

Orbit and Rust and Simple were talking about the movie theatre and how both crews were going to meet up and figure the beef out, maybe throw down, but as we talked we kept getting more and more hyped up. It wasn’t my beef, we had formed UFK a little while back and we were a small crew and tight knight. NTS was atleast 100 heads at the time, and theres a good chance it was a lot larger than that. I started to wonder how it was all going  to play out, it was a different time for street graffiti. Mobbers were getting crazier and crazier, with full driver side can tags, front windsheild tags, bus rooftops, plus gangs and large bus mobbing crews were starting to bleed together. NWA was rapping about shooting police, there was crazy gang beef in the streets, and all this was before LAPD hired another 50,000 officers for the streets.

I remember getting off the line and Devo KCC was hitting the bus we got off of. He knew we were writers and hit us up, all the NTS crew claimed NTS, and he asked if we knew about the meeting at the movie theatre?

It was a weird moment, with that thick uncomfortable silence, where you can tell if someone talks loud or yells, that all hell would brake loose. But it didn’t, and some more KCC boys came through, and all of us just walked the next 2 blocks together mostly in silence, hitting landmarks here and there with streaks and Uni’s as we went. I kept thinking it was a weird position to be in, but everyone was cool about it, and we got there in just a little while.

I know when I was young I always felt like I missed all the good shit. Capone and the gangsters in their hayday, 1950’s cars fresh off the assembly line, all sorts of things I wished I had been there for. Now that I’m older I realize I was just there for different moments in history. That’s the way I always feel about it now at least.


When we hit the theatre it was like turning the corner and seeing the Coliseum full of Gladiators in full gear. There were Bus Crews and Mobbers everywhere, atleast 300, but could have been 600 easy. All sorts of LA crews were there too, KWS, PFK, NBT, and many more, but no one was hitting busses yet, everyone was hyped on the NTS, KCC showdown, and both crews were there in force. You could feel it in the air, like any second we were going to rip the walls of the theatre down. The Theatre was run down to all hell, seats tagged on, cushins ripped off of some seats, there were 2 security gaurds with bullet proof vests on searching us to get in the theatre. How the place was still open ins amazing in itself.

Simple was so fucken funny, he was jumping and pacing around yelling out “NTS, NTS!” over and over again next to me. Simple was still a little younger than us and just really coming into his style as a writer. I still to this day think that Simple from LA, and Twist from San Fran were 2 of the best handstyle writers California ever came up with. We linked up with Sek NTS, and I think Skez NTS was there too.

The theatre started to devide up, and Crews started yelling. All the deplomicy was out the window, no sit down talks, no discussions, just yelling across the theatre at each other. SEK NTS yelled out “Who has beef with NTS?”

No one answered so he yelled it out again. There was a pause, and the NTS crew started getting jumpy a sif they had punked KCC. Sek started to yell the question out again, but someone on the other side cut him off with a “KCC!” yelled at the top of his lungs.


That was it, it busted loose. No fighting, but a bunch of mobbs running up on each other with tuff talk. I wasn’t sure if KCC was just yelling out their crew, or saying they had beef, I don’t think it mattered anymore. I kept hearing there was beef, and to go outside. For me it was a trip because I was just watching it all, taking it in. None of the beef had anything to do with me or my smaller crew, so I could just sit back and watch it all play out. As everyone spilled out the theatre, all elbows and chins knocking into each other, I could see now everyone was mobbing busses, just hitting and tagging everything. I remember the bus drivers shocked face as 20 different kids hit the bus. He got over it quick when he saw the crowd, and just went straight faced, as if he didn’t see anything. Everyone mobbed the next 3 busses, and I kept hearing that NTS was going to start dissing KCC, It just kept getting more and more hyped up. I know after that they beefed for a little while, but it eventually went away. Both crews were kings, we were just to young to know that back then.


With in the next 10 minutes we got rolled on by LA county sheriffs, they just swarmed in on us. Everyone ran, off jumping on different bus lines coming and going. I tried to blend in and got bumped up quick with Simple. They cuffed us, sweated us for about 10 minutes, then cut us loose with an earfull of shit talking. It was all a game, we didn’t have or do anything serious enough for them to bring us in, plus cops never want to bring in kids on small charges who arn’t scarred or who don’t give a fuck. There was no thrill of the hunt and capture here.

I guess the funny thing about this story is that it was just a typical day back then, just another funny day of writing and out there catching our ups. Now as I’m older I realize it was a time in LA graffiti history. And I also realize graffiti keeps growing and growing, so even those long off times now mean something because we were breaking ground in what it all turned out to today. Thank you os Angeles, thank you bus mobbers.