Neighborhood Love Radio – Ep 61

Feelin’ pretty fine and blessed. Nice time to be alive in Down Town Los Angeles. Jeff Roffredo (The Aggrolites) comes past the studio to listen and speak about stuff we’re listening to.

NHLove Radio - Ep 61The Playlist:

1) “Untitled 3”
2) “Overtime”
3) “Bertha Butt Boogie” Jimmy Castor Bunch
4) “U.N.I.T.Y.”
5) “Take Me Back (Instrumental)”
6) “Can’t Hide Love (Live)” D’Angelo
7) “Howlin’ With Fred”
8) “Down By The River”
9) “Sabrosa”
10) “Yes You Do”
11) “The Chrome Shoppe” Janelle Monae
12) “Sincerely Jane” Janelle Monae
13) “Respect”
14) “Take Me Over” Stephanie McKay
15) “Looking Ahead”