Neighborhood Love Radio episode 79

November 18, 2014 at 3:27 pm

Something different on this episode only. Johnny gets a case nostalgic-itis with a playlist of all skate/thrash/metal. Still assembled with love in Downtown Los Angeles.

The list-
1) “Rockness Monster” Akimbo
2) “Never Forget (Ben Bratt)” Honduran
3) “Out Of The Picture” Poison Idea
4) “Loss For Words” Corrosion Of Conformity
5) “Coma America” Amen
6) “Black Hills” The Budos Band
7) “Number” Unpersons
8) “Bird On Fire” Red Fang
9) “Girl In the Slayer Jacket” Pig Destroyer
10) “Brainfreeze” Wickerman
11) “Black Eyes” Gallows
12) “Burnt Offering” The Budos Band
13) “Caught in Between” F-Minus
14) “Lightsabre C**ksucking Blues” Mclusky
15) “Static” Barkmarket
16) “Against the Grain” Unsane