Neighborhood Love Radio – EP 59

June 19, 2014 at 2:51 pm














Blood is thicker then mud. This is a family affair playlist. Come past and please enjoy this funky product.

The list –
1) “Ego Trip (feat. Nikki Giovanni)” Blackalicious
2) “United Front” Arrested Development
3) “Easy Dub (feat. Alex Desert)” The Lions
4) “Sittin’ By The Window” Harleighblu
5) “A Lil’ Soul” King Knut (background)
6) “Family Affair” Sly & The Family Stone & Studio Rio
7) “Sirens” Clever Austin
8) “Our Pulse in It” Benjamin Theolonius Sanders
9) “Peg” Steely Dan
10) “Stavanger” King Knut (background)
11) “Time To Get It Together” Marvin Gaye
12) “Strike” Orgone