Neighborhood Love Radio – EP 49

March 31, 2014 at 12:58 pm













Hey, Loved Ones! We hope you’re doing something incredible today!

For episode #49 Greg Narvas sits in and speaks about drumming for Hepcat (arguably America’s most popular strictly Ska band) as well as his zine “I Was A Teenage Filipino Skinhead” All that plus the best in soul – roots music you have come to expect from this here program! Please enjoy!

The list:
1) “BoBo On the Corner” Beastie Boys
2) “Sweet Lady” Lady
3) “Yoyo (Soulpersona version)” Yoyohoney
4) “Breathe (feat. Rep Life and Spinnerty)” Anthony Valadez
5) “Hard Times” Baby Huey
6) “The Illusion” Ikebe Shakedown
7) “Dram” Ikebe Shakedown
8) “Chosen Path” Ikebe Shakedown
9) “Under the Spell of the Handout” Cody ChesnuTT
10) “Funkin’ For Jamaica” Tom Browne
11) “Scale It Back (feat. Yukimi Nagano)” DJ Shadow
12) “By Hook Or By Crook” Ikebe Shakedown
13) “The Ghetto” George Benson
14) “Everyday Sunshine” Fishbone
15) “There Are Glitches” Black Milk