November 27, 2013 at 9:50 am

Sugar Foot and The Ohio Players in Orlando















Tonights forecast: Funky slight 2 MPH breeze from the NE. Funky barometer reading is 30.22 inHg. The funky dew point is 41°F and rising.

1. “Keep You” Wild Belle

2. “Let Me In” Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band

3. “This Journey In” The Rebirth

4. “Rockford Rock” Azul (background)

5. “Paciencia De Jo (Tall Black Guy Remix)” Bosq of Whiskey Barons

6. “Instant Need” FKJ

7. “Body Kiss (feat. Lil’ Kim)” The Isley Brothers

8. “Fixed Income” DJ Shadow (background)

9. “Rap It Together / Funky Crawl (J Rocc’s Edit)” Detroit Sex Machines

10. “It’s Your Voodoo Working” Charles Sheffield

11. “Chafa Kahn” Brownout (background)

12. “What Can I Say” Boz Scaggs

13. “Pettin’ And Pokin’” Louis Jordan

14. “Bring the Sensi Come” Ranking Joe & Tristan