Neighborhood Love Radio Episode 19

August 28, 2013 at 7:09 am


Guest: SAWA (Model/Photographer/Street Artist)

1) “Jeans” Quadron Quadron

2) “Burgundy Whip” MED, Blu, & Madlib Feat. Jimetta Rose

3) “The Wilhelm Scream (feat. Megan Washington)” The Bamboos

4) “Music for My Mother” Funkadelic (background)

5) “Funk Bomb” James Brown (background)

6) “It’s A New Day” James Brown

7) “Dewitt To Do It” J. Dilla

8) “Fu Man Chu” Desmond Dekker

9) “Take Me Back” Aloe Blacc (background)

10) “I Need A Dollar” Aloe Blacc (background)

11) “There’s Nothing Like This (feat. Pino Palladino)” Omar

12) “Ronin” Orgone

13) “Peg” Steely Dan