Neighborhood Love Radio – episode 110

August 11, 2015 at 10:53 am














Come past and kick it with Johnny and Jeff. We play some music and chop it up about L.A. life.

Feeling equal parts blessed and hype.

It’s the Rives Avenue playlist. Click play to enjoy.


The list:

1) “Adventures in Paradise (feat. Alice Russell)” The Decoders
2) “Wild Cookie” Jill Scott
3) “You Don’t Know” Jill Scott
4) “Amazin” Omniscence
5) “En Sursis” Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra
6) “Peace Begins Within” Bobby Powell
7) “Wander” Icebird
8) “Southern Girl” Erykah Badu
9) “Butterflies” Michael Jackson
10) “Norman” Disko Drunkards
11) “Boondigga” Fat Freddys Drop
12) “How We Get Along” Jurassic 5
13) “Morning Child” 4Hero
14) “Head Over Heels” JD McPherson