Neighborhood Love’s mission is to recognize the love people have for their neighborhoods; to promote and showcase homegrown art and talent of all kinds; to provide a forum for people to show the beauty of their diverse neighborhoods and the pride they have for their unique culture; to unite all neighborhoods together, From the Hoods, to Hilltops!

Neighborhood Love will put forth quality products and a strong brand. We will bring our products and our brand to different communities throughout the world, building strong relationships. Neighborhood Love will sponsor and report on various selected and qualified cultural events and art projects.

Keeping our ear to the streets, from old timers to new comers, from start ups, to OG’s, Neighborhood Love will post articles, interviews and blogs on all things related to neighborhoods and their culture; from skateboarding, music, and art, to hole in the wall food spots, social gatherings, and hood hustle.

We are committed to donating a portion of profits from Neighborhood Love through the sponsoring public art events and neighborhood cleanup projects. We believe all neighborhoods have their own unique culture and beauty.