Los Angeles 1980’s Oldies

June 4, 2013 at 11:14 pm


I’ve decided to from time to time break out some oldies of mine. These pics are from my personal collection unless I say otherwise, and are now pretty old and rare. I’m happy to show that Love and show others the graffiti that inspired me as a kid growing up. I consider all these writers Kings, and heads that had an impact on LA graff. enjoy.

The 1st pic is Rev KSN and CoolBoy WCA at the Sunset and Fairfax yard also known in the old days as “Sunfax”       1987,88.

2nd is Grem KSN GFA with piece and character, with Pest UTI at Reseda KSN yard. 1989securedownload-12 securedownload-11



The next 2 pics are Oldies from style master Skill UTI at the Woodman yard in the SFV. 1988 and 1989


DTK crew was a crew that influenced a lot of Los Angeles graffiti, with members Charlie, Genius, Sky, Green and Nacho, this crew had a fresh distinct style all their own that was and still is easly recognized.

ROSKO piece by Genius DTK yard Sun Valley early 1980s (84-85)

DTK by Genius DTK yard Sun Valley  early 1980s (84-85)

Blinky by Genius DTK yard Sun Valley  early 1980s (84-85)

Charlie DTK in 1990-1991 LA River


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