Los Angeles 1980s and early 1990s oldies

July 13, 2013 at 1:10 am


I’ve decided to from time to time break out some oldies of mine. These pics are from my personal collection unless I say otherwise, and are now pretty old and rare. I’m happy to show that Love and show others the graffiti that inspired me as a kid growing up. I consider all these writers Kings, and heads that had an impact on LA graff. enjoy…

These first two pics are oldies from the 101 Hollywood freeway. The first is 1985 or 1986 and is Shem, X-Men and SK8, X-men crew. Shem moved from New York and was the first writer I ever saw using Fat caps in LA. At that time LA styles were thin and sharp, and were developing into oneline tags that domonated from 1987-1989. The fat cap tag was an LA game changer. Also this piece was also done by SK8 of CBS crew when for a short time he was pushing X-men crew also. 101 1985 or 86

The second pic is the Hollywood 101 again, but was the beginning of the LA freeway bombing days. This piece was the first of this size and detail on a freeway in LA and really turned heads.This was a West Coast Kings production done on the freeway at night by Rise KSN, Rev KSN, Risk WCA, and I beleive a couple other people. WCK was a combo crew of WCA and KSN, meshing the names together to form and allstar crew WCK. It was short lived though with the JA beef breaking the side crew up. 101 1988

securedownload-11 securedownload-8These next 3 pics are from Grem GFA KSN crews. I credit Grem and BABA for being the ones who first took me to real LA yards and really helping me out in the beginning.

Grem shark in Burbank alley. 1986 or 87.

“Ain’t No Thang” by Grem GFA KSN, with help from Plex, and Straight GFA at Charlie King’s skateboard ramp in Burbank 1986.

Grem at Woodman yard SVV Los Angeles 1988


“Shasta” pice by Duster UA, and BABA UA, STN, KSN piece. BABA had a long running freindship with Duster and when I hopped the wall to the Woodman yard they were there painting with Beth, Duster’s girlfriend who I happened to go to Pacomia Jr High with (small world) It was a trip to hop a wall and at 17 be face to face with a New York Legend  at a graffiti yard I started myself. 1989 Woodman Yard.

UTI by SKILL UTI AND MASTER UTI woodman Yard 1989. This was part of a “Flash” pice they did for the homie when he got locked up. Very clean! Woodman yard 1989.


Mek FLY ID crew at Motor Yard 1991.

Panic LOD SH UTI in Downtown LA in 1992 I beleive.

Mear CBS and Dyme CBS 1991 or 92 in Hollywood Melrose alleys.