Los Angeles 1980s and early 1990s oldies

July 30, 2013 at 1:41 am


I’ve decided to from time to time break out some oldies of mine. These pics are from my personal collection unless I say otherwise, and are now pretty old and rare. I’m happy to show that Love and show others the graffiti that inspired me as a kid growing up. I consider all these writers Kings, and heads that had an impact on LA graff. enjoy…

Please remember to click on all pics to enlarge.

This first piece is Mek FLY ID, CBS and TCS (TOO COLD SMOOTH) crew on the west side in 1993, this pic wasnt taken by me but is in my collection now. Fresh piece


This next piece is a short lived crew UNT or Untouchables, or Unity. I always thought it was a fresh crew and was a little bumed to see it not make it, but a lot of the members went on to LOD, and that crew is still running strong today.

UNT by Hex, Sleez and Mosh UNT at Belmount Tunnel in 1989.securedownload-11

the next pick is Super from PTI at Moter Yard in 1989. You can see the pastel late 1980s early 1990s Krylon colors at work here.


Doom BC posing infront of his piece/throwie Pan Pacific Yard in 1988. BC was the first Crew to really rock the fatcap style really strong, wich at the time became known as a very ‘West LA Style” that was contriversial to LA sharper handstyles.securedownload-13

“Piece To Impress” at Moter Yard in 1989 or 1990. This was a crew spell out by PTI that was for a battle with UTI over the crew letters being too close. UTI never showed up for whatever reason, but PTI still painted.I had all the pics of the Impress letters also, but missplaced them for now, sorry.securedownload-14

Dye and Ever of WCA BC in 1991 at Moter Yard, Im really feeling Dye’s style and cleanness on this one.securedownload-15

This next one is someone I will show more pictures of later, and was a true Los Angeles style changer. I meen his style changed the way many LA writers painted. This is Realm KSN at Moter yard in 1992.securedownload-16

This Last pic is SER WCA BC in West LA inthe early 1990s right before he hit his Bombing hight in LA, SER went on to crush LA freeways and heavens.securedownload-17