Los Angeles 1980’s & 91 Oldies

June 19, 2013 at 12:29 am


I’ve decided to from time to time break out some oldies of mine. These pics are from my personal collection unless I say otherwise, and are now pretty old and rare. I’m happy to show that Love and show others the graffiti that inspired me as a kid growing up. I consider all these writers Kings, and heads that had an impact on LA graff. enjoy…

This first pic is Melrose Blvd in Hollywood done by KSN crew, it says DOPE, this piece became a battlefield with NYC’s JA dissing it, and then being dissed, and back and forth. A fresh piece by KSN though. 1991


These amazing characters are by Slick, and were some of the first characters ever with the flourecent under lighting. That tecnique became a common practice in graffiti, and was pioneered by SLICK K2S. 1989


Ash WCA BC at Motor Yard in West LA. 1989



This Crew shout was done by Mandoe and Neo of the MAK crew. This was done street side at Belmount Tunnel Los Angeles, where you entered, and I always thought was a fresh spot to hit for heads strolling in. 1990


This is Charlie DTK painting “Eight” with character by Slick K2S, at Motor yard in 1990


this is Charlie DTK at DTK yard Sun Valley SFV in 1988, then Step DTK and Enemy DTK (I cant remember if Enemy is another Charlie side name or not) and last Sandy by Charlie DTK. This was a short lived yard that Im pretty sure only 4 or 5 people ever got pictures of at all, so enjoy!