LAPD’s online GANG graffiti

February 11, 2014 at 7:48 am


So here’s the deal youngsters, and old-timers, the LAPD trolls all of our sites, and instagram, and Facebook, etc, so I thought it was healthy and honest to see some of what they post up of “Gang Graffiti.” I hope I don’t ruffle any feathers, I’m not giving up anyones secrets, or shining any lights on fools, the LAPD already had these posted and on blast! I guess the funniest part was what they thought note worthy to post, and what fell into the “Gang Graffiti,” category. Gang Graffiti has a long history in Los Angeles, and you can see it has made its way both across the walls of the world now, and into the gallery circuit. I personally  respect and love gangster “hand styles,” having grown up with them, and am facinated by the evolution of the letters over the years. I was wondering what the LAPD was showing these days, and was amazed at just how much they have out there on the web.

Here is what the LAPD site says about Gang Graffiti

The purpose of gang graffiti is to glorify the gang. Gang graffiti is meant to create a sense of intimidation and may increase the sense of fear within a neighborhood. Gang members use graffiti to mark their territory or turf, declare their allegiance to the gang, advertise a gang’s status or power, and to challenge rivals. Graffiti is used to communicate messages between gangs using codes with common meaning.

Of greater concern is the inherent violence associated with gang graffiti. When a neighborhood is marked with graffiti indicating territorial dominance, the entire area and its inhabitants become targets for violence. Anyone in the street or in their home is fair game for drive-by attacks by rival gang members. A rival gang identifies everyone in a neighborhood as a potential threat. Consequently, innocent residents are often subjected to gang violence by the mere presence of graffiti in their neighborhood. 

On a side note, there are some fresh gangster handstyles in here, as well as some ok hands. My last thoughts fall to the promotional LAPD pics of the frowny face character they used as a header pic for their site, and of the poor dude they put a pic of doing court appointed community service, painting walls in the hood with a LAPD officer breathing down your neck and  talking trash in your ear the whole time. I’ve been there homie, more than I would like to admit.

All pictures were found through LAPD Gang Graffiti

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