Interview with Dark, FST Crew

February 4, 2014 at 2:13 pm
Dark FST has been putting in work out there, no half stepping, no bullshit, just good old fashion numbers and quality work. I reached out to him, and he was nothing but cool, and we figured out some questions about what he’s been up to. One of the reasons I asked him for the interview is that in the last few years I’ve seen his work grow, and expand, and I wanted to know what was cooking behind that push. Enjoy.SAMSUNGsecuredownload-2

What neighborhood did you grow up in and what neighborhood you represent now ,if you want to keep your identity unknown just tell us what part of the country, but if you want to get specific feel free.

Born in Miami Florida , raised in Louisville Kentucky , currently residing in Louisville !

How did you get started in graff and what were your influences in the early years?

Got into Graff “notice I cap the word Graff or Graffiti ” very important words get capped ! So yeh , got into Graff in 1995 , painted my first Freight in 1996′ . I feel victum like some , and entered Graffiti threw Hip Hop , I was B-Boying in the early 90’s . Threw films like Beat Street  Wild Style , Style Wars , Breakin The Electric Boogaloo there was always Graff  goin on in the background . So I started to doodle and hooking up our boom boxes and back packs , girls names for five bucks on paper in school and what not . I just got caught up with it , feel in love with the craft , and have been head over heels about it ever since . People like Graff , people love graff , I am Graffiti ! I don’t miss a beat , I exercise it in some way every single day . I’ll die Painting . Nobody will ever say “yeah” “Dark Quit” . That will never happen . Nothing worse than a “retired” Graffiti artist . No time for that .

My buddy use to write a bit . He was never serious about it . He wrote Sek for a bit and was from Nashville Tennessee . But he had Style and somehow knew a lot about Graff . Still to this day he had dropped more science about Graffiti than anybody I’ve ever talked to . My eyes would light up , and I’d soak up anything he’d have to say about it . Other than him , it was some of the Writers in the films I mentioned earlier , and a handful of guys also from Nashville . There was Jeka , Pako , Rex 2 , Quest , Beno , and Tackz . Merely no Graffiti was going on in Louisville in the mid 90’s . Think about it , we’re a hole in the wall city here in the midwest , so we were a little behind . Not a bad thing though , to be on the forefront of the craft in your city and watch it evolve and change , pretty exciting ! I’d say that 98’ish Graffiti was here to stay in the city . I’m happy to say I reside here , Louisville is a hidden gem ! One of the coolest cities in the midwest , as I’ve traveled every which way .


How would you describe the style that you do now and what your favorite paint to use?

I would like to describe my styles as just “Solid” . I don’t want to be on any trends . If they end up some what solid , then they will hold up the test of time . I do like to switch it up a bit . I want to be known as the hardest , most consistent , and most versatile writer on the lines . Always giving someone something cool to catch . It wouldn’t be that dope to be sitting on three thousand of the same baseball card ! i wanna give you mvp , rookie , hall of fame , and hologram type shit ! As for paint, the pic says it all.

 I know you push FST how long is this crew been around and can you tell us a little bit about it?

FST , Family Stays True , First Second Third , Forever Starts Tonight , Freight Style Technicians started in 1996 by Mines . It is a Minneapolis Minnesota based Crew , were it had started .People have come and gone just like any Crew . I was put in by Mines in 2002 , when he had moved down to Louisville . To sum it up we are brothers that represent the same three letters . It is a special thing to be apart of . It does not rely on how good one is , if it don’t feel right you’ll never be down . It’s as serious as a Crew can get . I am happy to say that I am apart of and a member of my favorite Graffiti Crew ! As of right now , members are based in Minnesota , Kentucky , Ohio , Tennessee , Michigan , and California . I also shove VOA , Vandals Outlaws Always , Vandals Of America , based out of Los Angeles .


Now I have to say I’ve seen your freights for some years now but I feel like in the last couple of years you’ve really turned up the heat and have Just been banging out super fresh Freights, what do you think happened to make you kick into the high gear?

I think I have just painted enough of them , that they are circulating fast , and more likely to get caught . I try to paint consistently , sometimes you’d think I’m on crack . Last month I painted sixty trains and a couple legal joints . This spring and summer it’s on ! Deff getting tired of this cold weather and snow .

Are you a day job kind a guy or you a hustler? And are you interested in junior our work full-time or is it something that you just love on the side?

I tattoo full-time as of two years ago . The whole plan for that was to get on own schedule , get more freed up with time and money . And create more time to do what I want to do , Paint Graff ! Tattooing has become a second love ! Going into it , I had no feelings , wasn’t even sure if that was going to work out . I was at a time in my life where I had to make a quick decision and get on it . Enough fucking around and being in and outta jobs . Fast forward , it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me ! I’m blessed and really on a permanent Vacation . I type these answers to this interview , while on the clock . I work and manage a little shop . I get to work everyday with my Best Friend / Crew Mate Akae FST  . I hope in time , to get my own shop , maybe a Crew Shop . Who knows …… there are a few of us that Tattoo.


Tell me some of your favorite loves about graffiti?

Everything , everything , everything , really everything ! Every little piece about it . I will literary look at my paint for an hour ! I enjoy that . Then emptying them , even better ! Exercising my freedom , and going behind Americas back time and time again and getting away with it . Getting to see stuff that the regular nine to five guy will never get to see or experience . Traveling and meeting people , being put on from people that have never met you , just solely on what they know of you from online or through he said she said . There are a lot of golden perks of being a known graffiti writer .

If money wasn’t an object,let’s say you had some crazy sponsorship,what would a dream project be for you?

That’s easy , an endless amount of paint , and traveling with close Friends and Family ! It’s really that simple .Food also ……… korean , mexican , and japanese !


It seems to me like in the last couple years benching freights has become larger and larger, and more and more people are painting freights,how do you feel about that?

I Don’t really feel any way about it . People come up all the time . It’s up to me and others to keep the bar raised , and give the newer guys/girls something to chase .But believe me when I say the chase will always be on . There is no finish line , all you can do is “just” paint more Graff !

Do You have any upcoming projects you like to talk about or any shout outs to people out there that you would like to mention? thanks for your time and we appreciate you here at neighborhood-love and we appreciate what you’ve been doing Homie!

Nothing set in stone ….. people ask me about art shows , t-shirts , stickers and what not . I need to get on that stuff , and keep it in rotation . I’d like to do a book later on . I’ve got behind a bit , truth is I put whats important first , so any free time I have , I go paint my name . Deff going to do my first solo show as soon as I gather up enough pieces . Bigger , larger scale stuff .

I’m Out ! Dark One

FST / VOA Crews


The Family …. Lady Bella , Lazer , and Suke ! I Love you guys ! Yes more than Paint …. ” Don’t Trip” . Haha

Thanks for the Love and the Interview ! I appreciate you guys at Neighborhood Love ! 

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