Insa is and has been doing things

February 19, 2014 at 8:15 am



I always respect those that push into new territory and come up with new ideas, and Insa has been doing both for a while now.

From clothes and canvas, to walls and now animated GIF walls, the guy is killing it. Insa has always been evolving his style of graffiti, and its cool to see him continue to up the anti with new ideas. Check out just a few of the cool things Insa has been up to, and see his personal website for full view, enjoy.



insa-dirty-cash-exhibition-3 insa_leggs insa_3


Launching into clothes, Insa has been consistently coming up with cool wear, and shoes and accessories.

insa-heels MiamisPreview insa-dunk-ethel-2010-02 freshness-banner12oz-Half_way_to_no_where-vid-13-664x443-599x400 XNrRlOydjpcnCRWdgec6q_1KuTGnGCkhUZxdHfHDAzwUjr6SC1oosotcOebPcanybZVak-mfoiPmfW9CC9vzmYEbl6B6wDZ419T30w8oSti_gWdPINKfKv93gD2WYh-vQWz9IZcl9dwmXxjJUnK_zgbl-P0ZonkwtasWKCnxObN8IlBgePrANyD3ZBM7hAEiK1viiQiw3TUG8BqJFQtSU5g-600x3993lv-wJO5QqE83gofKkizTEQEql36wfY0zBRDwqRV0jcQthqx3qpsN8yi0hRNXuu7wfVEnGhwgIx30-PE3h9G9ce37PJTSPMlrIbbRarYsvIOT1EPRX3Mig5wV-it6SUpY-600x399

Like I said, watch it move, the kid is killing it!

INSA-animated-street-art-5INSA-1 gif-iti-animated-street-art-insa-4 INSAxArteTV600