Homeless or Hipster?

March 20, 2014 at 8:54 am

Welcome to Neighborhood Love’s 1st installment of Homeless or Hipster? Now I know what you’re thinking, “that sucks”, or “I think I’m playing my new favorite game.” But the truth is this game can be harder than you think in this day and age. Now the Hipster, an elusive breed of trendsetter is ever quickly evolving, being easy to spot in the past with their super tight pants and “emo curtain” bangs, they have more recently traded in their curly Q mustaches for lumberjack beards that are now bordering on homeless turf. this game started with my wife and myself playing as we drove through LA, but now I feel its time to have the good old internet weigh in on this challenge, so sarcastic jerks, come join me and play round 1 of Homeless or Hipster?

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for answers please click the link below.