Giant Robot shop & Gallery – Los Angeles, CA

February 5, 2014 at 1:17 pm

I first heard of Giant Robot when they’re magazine first hit the shelves. Being driven by Asian culture and artists, Giant Robot has featured and brought up many artists that have turned into gallery and pop artist icons. They have since the magazine opened a store and also a gallery GR2.

I first went over to the Giant Robot store to take pictures, now I have to say the place is very cozy and down to earth, and doesn’t have an attitude at all, other than fun. My wife looked around while I snapped pics, and I saw the girl working the counter talking to a couple with a little asian  girl who was so cute, she looked like a cartoon come to life. I wanted to take a pic of the family in the store, but they jetted out before I made my way over there. Here are some pics of the Giant Robot Store.


image imageOK,  so We then went over to the GR2 gallery and looked at the artwork from their current show Merging Views. As always I found there to be high quality artwork, with a nice verity of different styles being shown. I was def feeling the black, white and color wash style, whose art work had the kind of depth I lose myself into. On the other hand I was also into the work with bold color and brush strokes, with a comic booky feel, enjoy.

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