Getting my Blog on…

March 19, 2013 at 5:12 pm

Richard Gutierrez   PCH3925   WEEZY-MAIN  

“So, whats this all about”, you’re asking?

Well I’ll tell you, it’s about some Love.

It’s that simple, just Love, we have enough haters, and dirty talkers out there. We at Neighborhood Love felt it was time to go another way. Does this mean we’re sell outs? Does it mean were ass kissers? Does it mean we’ve gone soft? Nope, not even a little. Wer’e just shedding some light on the things we Love. We’re just trying to get people back in touch with what and where it all started for many of you. What shapes us and keeps us driven today…our Neighborhoods.

We have big plans at Neighborhood Love, and with your help, it will all happen. Neighborhood Love will make our own quality products, many of which will be made here, in the USA, in neighborhoods just like yours. I think we let it all get a little away from us, to tell you the truth. We focused on a t-shirt that’s either $3.99 for a 5 pack or a t shirt that is $49.99 for a name. I personally think we forgot about the people making the t shirt. The guys and girls who sat in their garage designing and making that tshirt with pride and Love. I think we forgot about the skateboard shapers who craft it with Love, I think we forgot about the companies (small and big) that still care about the products they make.

“Why do you think we forgot”, you’re asking?

Because we let it get to a place where we we’re paying $90-110.00 for a tacky hooded sweater, that just made us look like everyone else out there. And, I promise you, no love was put into that product that people were buying, none.

So here it is, we at Neighborhood Love are going to make products and cover both people and companies on our website,  that we believe still have that Love (and get you to rally too). We at Neighborhood Love want you to be able to trust what we put out there andmake you feel like you have some homies in your corner..Real talk to real people, about real life things.

I, Elser, plan on covering Hood stories and people overcoming life’s obsticles. I plan on talking to people creating new things. I plan on connecting with CEO’s and street hustlers out there that are making moves. And I plan on relating all of this to you, our Neighborhood Love Family out there all over the world.

So buckle up, for real, Im sure we’re going to make some waves, but in a good way. Tell your friends if you feel what were doing, let people know if you like it, re-post us if you want people to know there’s still a place thats showing that Love, Neighborhood Love, to all the Neighborhoods out there.

~elser oner