Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn NY – presents Buff Monster and Lamour Supreme In NYC

May 1, 2013 at 9:05 pm



My homie 4sakn and his girl along with their son went down to Cotton candy Machine to check out Buff Monster and Lumour Supreme. 4sakn talks with art director and co owner Sean Leonard who opened the shop with Tara Mcpherson. Tara Mcpherson is a well known pop artist who has been doing gallery shows for years now and has graced the pages of Juxtapoz and Hi Fructose, as well as producing famous band posters for music shows, to designing for toy super power Kid Robot. The girl is established! Tara has a unique style that is quickly recognizable and has cut out and crafted her own style that has grown over the years to have a strong following.


Neighborhood Love

When did the doors open officially for your place?

Cotton Candy Machine

We opened Cotton Candy Machine on April 9 2011 with our grand opening art show called the Tiny Trifecta. It’s has become our annual group show and the next one if on June 15th 2013. The theme for the show is that each artist is doing 3 tiny pieces of $100 art, making the perfect Tiny Trifecta from each artist.





Neighborhood Love 

What does your store carry that makes you unique?

We carry a lot of prints, books, toys and shirts from the many different artist we show. Some of them are exclusives and we are the only place you can get them. On top of the exclusive merch we always feature original work each month and since those are one of a kind we are again the only place you can get them.


Neighborhood Love

What do you see for the future of cotton candy machine and its goals etc? Shows, events, etc…

Cotton Candy Machine

Our goal at first was to “Make Brooklyn Sweeter” and we continue to show some of the most amazing artists working today right here in New York City. Since the CCM Boutique has opened Tara and I have also taken the show on the road with Cotton Candy Machine Pop up store tours. We have now done a full CCM tour of Brazil and then again through South East Asia Nations. The reception when we are on tour makes us feel like we are back at home. For the future we plan to take CCM across the US and around the rest of the world. Making the world a little sweeter anywhere we can go is our continued mission now.


 Neighborhood Love

Thanks for talking with us, your place is really nice. Any final words you would like to say?

Cotton Candy Machine

Thanks for stopping in and check out Number of the Beast by Buff Monster and L’Amour Supreme. The photos you took look great! Make sure to check out all of the upcoming shows here