Chopping it up and painting with 7seas CBS in Hollywood, Los Angeles

March 22, 2014 at 5:27 pm


So if you stay up on graffiti then you know who 7seas is. Although, in my opinion he has been on everyone’s radar these last 2 years, he has been around for a while now. Repping CBS and EMT crew and staying in the Bay Area around San Francisco, 7seas has been hitting it hard. While the lean in graffiti styles as of late has been, boxy and basic with European colorful schemes;.  7seas has gone the opposite with basic fill in colors with opposite outline colors, using many popular bright colors, but keeping it strong and basic to really bring your eye in. I would go as far to say he’s one of the dudes out there influencing the next generation on that same color scheme style.securedownload-19

securedownload-17IMG_3454 Elser IMG_3446securedownload-18When I talked to 7seas about his early graff career, he told me the usual chase stories, and graffiti scuffles, but he said a few things I thought were really cool. He told me he doesn’t care about super fame, he said that fame is cool, but he’s in the game to paint and have fun, to keep at it and stay painting. I thought that was a great outlook from someone who is blowing up right now.


So on the next day, Self CBS came through and dropped the CoBra character in-between 7seas and myself. I thought Self did a great job of balancing out the wall, and dude is funny to paint with, kept me laughing.

securedownload-21 securedownload