Tekkonkinkreet – Black and White

October 31, 2014 at 7:59 am



We have a ton of art books on the bookshelves in my house, but there is one that I favor and am inspired to showcase it today. The books are based off the film Tekkon Kinkreet. The books are a two volume set named “Black” and “White”. “Black / Kuro Side Art Book” features the image boards and concept art created for the film (Art director Shinji Kimura). “White / Shiro Side” is 300 pages of the background art plates used in the film. The books are named after the two main protagonists in the film.


Else x Neighborhood Love design for Creative rebellion

August 29, 2013 at 11:43 am

I was honored recently to be asked to design a piece for company Creative Rebellion. This company designs and sells full size adhesive prints for living room and bedroom walls, a fresh idea I think. Creative Rebellion is geared at the youth market as well as people looking for cutting edge and popular design. With featured artists and also X games style sports pictures (I always have love for that) their reach will only grow I’m sure.



Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 11.22.33 AMScreen Shot 2013-08-29 at 11.22.49 AM

official Neighborhood Love/adidas photo shoot and commercial

May 31, 2013 at 1:35 am

I had thye honor of doing a big Photo shoot and commercial for Adidas. Adidas is a huge company and oldschool friend to hip hop and graffiti alike, with all the oldschool  b boys rocking the classic Adidas shoes and track suits. They were the staple of Run DMC, and have sponsored b boy events for years, so it was cool to see them include graffiti and have me be apart of the action. It was fun, well put together, and great to have them let me show that Neighborhood Love(and myself painting) live in the shoot and commercial.


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Analyze & Interpret

May 6, 2013 at 4:16 pm

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 10.41.18 AM

I first really noticed this brand a lil while back. But as they caught my eye more and more,  I really started to feel their brand. I usually cram and layer my work, and the designs of A&I are clean and crisp, but still keep a grimy street feel to them somehow. Theres a million startup companies out there, some fresh, some not so fresh, and things have changed more and more with the internet, so I sat down and chopped it up with A&I about where it started and where its going. Enjoy.


Neighborhood Love

Where did you grow up and what neighborhood do you represent?


I grew up all over L.A really…I started in S. Central (58th & Normandie), West L.A. (Palms Area), K.Town, El Monte (S.G.V), and now reside in UpTown Whittier. The City I rep is L.A. All day!



April 18, 2013 at 4:22 pm


I recently went down to the Dissizit! Compton Compound to paint a spot given to me by Slick, Owner and creative force behind the brand. If you don’t know who Slick is, and you draw or paint characters in graffiti, then you probably owe Slick a “thank you” for using some of the techniques he’s invented.

Slick came to Los Angeles in the mid 1980’s from Hawaii and became affiliated with the K2S Crew. He quickly shot to the top of the graffiti game with shading on his characters, and action poses on his art that felt like there was actual movement going on. Slick partnered up with Risk of WCA to form Aerosolics. The 2 of them upped the standard of graffiti productions again with products like the wall used in the “Whose the Mac/” video for Ice Cube in 1990.

I think one of the things in graffiti, like other “sports”, that spurs on greatness is a great rivalry. This brings me to the story of the Legendary Hex and Slick Battles. I remember them well. I had missed the first battle, coming later to get pictures after the action. I have herd of it over and over from the friends that were there. Everyone says the same thing, “the 2 artists went back and forth. One artist would add something, the other would then add the same element or character, but in a “make fun of” or “better than you” sort of way. The result was epic! The huge walls of the Belmount Tunnels were covered top to bottom, with amazing work. It was hard to call who the winner was because no one had seen a battle this big or talented before in graffiti, ever. And I don’t mean in LA graffiti, I mean in graffiti everywhere. They laid the ground work for what became the modern graffiti production, it was a game changer.

The beef wouldn’t lay though, and there was the Hex and Slick battle #2. This one I have to say it had a different feel. Still amazing work, and this is where Hex introduced his portrait style painting of characters using spray paint (another game changer)  But the 2 artists, for the most part, did there own walls, side by side, and there wasn’t the same energy of them working off of each other, and I thought it showed in the finished product. Still huge amazing walls, but maybe missing a little bit of the first battle’s energy. The battle had a media storm, not of just graffiti writers, but also of local news stations and newspapers. It was a circus sideshow by the end and not as pure as the first battle at all. It was a strange moment for Los Angeles graffiti, with the same media that condemned us all the time, showing up to get the scoop. The aftermath of the battle was this, these 2 amazing artists upped the ante on the graffiti production game with size and coverage, but both walked away with a bad taste in their mouth about the outcome and media coverage.

Now for most artists this would have been the peak. Going somewhere no one in graffiti had gone before. But it was just a chapter in Slick’s story. Slick has gone on to create more and more work, slowly but surely building his name bigger and bigger as the years have rolled on. Growing from a Los Angeles heavy hitter, to being a nationwide power, to a now world famous innovator and all time great in both the graffiti, clothing and the art world.



Okay, I have to say this, I am not a hater at all. I will give props to anyone who deserves them for talent, whether I like them personally or not. But I do get pissed off when someone makes or does something so Fresh or Original it actually stirs anger in me for not having thought of it first. I had that feeling a lot at Slick’s place. There were loads of eye candy everywhere, from toys to canvases, from new clothing designs to skateboards, to oldschool collectables, the list goes on and on. Two of my favorites? The LV spraycan characters (that are waist high by the way) and the Spam roll cushion chair with character face. Genius!

The outside and inside walls were covered in beautiful work.  Everywhere I looked, and the quality of the showroom and design spaces where top notch. I’ve been to many artists work spaces and showrooms of clothing companies. This is one of the nicest out there. I thank Slick for the invite and talking with me. He has reached a truly humble place in his life, and it shows. Having gotten to the 10 year mark of Dissizit! And showing no signs of slowing down, my baseball hat is off to this amazing artist. Keep your eyes on him for more!




Mostly Harmless Toys

April 17, 2013 at 4:53 pm

Stego-clone1 Stego-clone3

For the Love of Toys! This underground industry is growing quick. I myself have been around the makers of these amazing lil’ plastic toys more and more and want to showcase artists I think are creating interesting characters. I approached the mind behind Mostly Harmless toys and we decided it was go time. Here we go as we fire off questions, and he fires answers back!


Home furnishing

April 12, 2013 at 10:47 pm


I have to say the game has changed when it comes to products and furniture inspired by graffiti, street culture and music. I recently found some of these online and wanted to share them with you as our content expands. From Dunny/Munny inspired vinyl toy speakers, to the female body and the amazing design of this computer station, the game is moving up quick!