Bus Mobbers! Vermont blvd’s TDK crew out of Pico Union area.

December 11, 2014 at 2:19 pm

So I am writing this for those who remember and those who want to know. My memory is a little fuzzy on some parts, so don’t get mad if I don’t get my stories perfect, I’m trying my best. I would like to say I stole a couple pics from Gin One and 50mm Los Angeles, so thank you to them. Buss Mobbers! has become a little bit of a hit with heads enjoying it, so I hope you enjoy this oner also!


When I started high school in 1986/87 the Los Angeles school system had a “Bussing in” policy in full swing. This “Bussing in” system meant that inner city schools that were over crowded and lacking funds, and generally not doing so well, would take kids from their own neighborhoods and near by schools, and bus them into other neighborhoods that could financially  afford more students. That meant inner-city kids got “Bussed in” to suburb neighborhoods or on edge neighborhoods in other parts of Los Angeles.

This is how I met Ges and Sexer of TDK crew in 1986/87. My 10th grade year at Grant high school started slow, there were only a few writers at our school then, and most of the Valley writers didn’t mix with the bussed in Los Angeles writers yet. I started seeing Ges and Sexer scribes showing up at school, so I went on the hunt to find out who it was. Turns out Sexer was in my PE class and we started talking shop about graffiti, and he introduced me to all the Vermont blvd writers that were bussed in. There was about 6 of them with Ges being the best writer and piecer, and Sexer being the most connected to different writers and crews in the LA area. Sexee as he also wrote, and Ges were both Asian, and Ges looked kinda like a half graft writer, half skater kid, and Sexer just looked like a writer, almost gangster kid. I started kicking it with them at lunch, sharing blackbooks and tag styles, sharing stories and around Christmas they asked me to get into TDK.


At the time Lerner TDK was tapering off of being up a lot. There was a point where Lerner was killing it with his oneline hand style, LA nonstop Style! I think, its getting harder to remember as I get older, I think I met Lerner one time previous to meeting Ges and Sexer at the Panarama Mall writers bench, when Swan UTI brought Lerner through. By the time I got into TDK Lerner was locked up for something, and unfortunately for graffiti, never hit up on the streets again. But Lerner got TDK out there in LA, and a lot of the surrounding area. TDK in LA was started by Design TDK, who was told to me had beef with Design9 of WCA. I was once told a crazy story that Design9 beat design TDK up, but then later Design TDK stabbed Design9 with a scribber. I don’t know if either of those stories are true, I’ll just chalk them up to bus Mobbers legends! But Design TDK was the main head of the crew, and I only met him twice, but he was a cool latin guy, and he could piece pretty well also. As far as TDK went, it was mainly Bus and street jobbers in the crew, with Design, Ges and myself also doing pieces. I know TDK went through a couple different generations of writers like most LA crews do, I also remember Rotten TDK putting it down a little later on the streets around Vermont blvd in the late 1980’s, and Stew and Wish TDK put it down heavy in the mid 1980s too.



Ok, a couple of quick TDK stories that stand out to me are the time I caught the 424 bus line from Burbank blvd, all the way to Vermont blvd right on the 101 exit with Ges TDK. So Ges and me were out racking and writing, and I’m not sure why we were kicking it at the 420/424 stop on the 101, but we were just watching cars go by talking shop. Ges was telling me what he knew about :Triax, who in 1987 was just ending a crazy run of being up on the streets with a fresh hand style. Triax used to do fresh tags and also, fresh abrieveations with a :TRX . His :TRX always looked on point, and he often got up with a miniwide, and cut his tags like a calligraphy pen with the X having a fresh kick! So Ges and me are talking shop, and he’s telling me what he knows about Triax, and what he’s herd on the streets, and Ges is telling me how dedicated to getting up Triax is. It was true, Triax was killing it, and as Ges is talking, he flips the trashcan at the RTD stop over, and on the bottom is a :TRX in miniwide! Boom! Ges can’t stop talking about it! How Triax kills it, and He makes me swear that we will kill it as hard as Triax and put up TDK as much as Triax gets up. We were 15 and started hitting different yards together doing TDK’s and The Def Kids pieces together.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.46.34 AM

Ges and myself did a TDK at the Panic Zone yard in Boyle heights neighborhood, right of the 5 freeway not too long after that. those were huge walls of solid concrete and at the time they were jumping with both a million tags and fresh pieces. KSN had a fresh production running when we got there of pieces with these fresh monster faces in-between all the pieces. Ges and me did a huge TDK piece that SES or SESER TDK helped with. It was old school style piecing with broken furniture and broken pallets for ladders, none of that scaffling or scissor lifts to paint like now. I had racked some Hot Pink and Aqua Turquise Krylon paint, so Ges and me were happy with these new fresh Krylon colors.As we were painting I also checked out some UTI pieces and Skez NTS had a fresh piece up on the opposite side of the low cement freeway dividers located behind us. As we painted we met Kartoon K2S who was just walking the yard by himself, Kartoon was real cool and we chopped it up with him for a second, all in all it was a good day.


Ges and myself did a few TDK’s pieces around, we even did a little TDK at charlie DTK’s yard in Sun Valley, and I always think how Ges helped get me hyped on painting pieces and taught me some more style. I considered Ges a little better than me at the time. I was once invited to the Reseda KSN yard that Wise KSN, Rage Ksn, and Dose TCF had started and I brought Ges with me. I let him lead that The Def kids piece because I was a little nervous around all the big name writers like Krush KSN TCF, Pest UTI, Ryse and Rev KSN, etc… So Ges did a The Def Kids and I filled and did background and we knocked it out! I made sure it was a full piece with background because there was so much quality on the walls there I wanted TDK to come of fresh if we could. Some of the other TDK stories for me that stand out were when I got Ses into TDK, and Seser and myself mobbed through hollywood and the valley getting up in tester cans. I put a lot of work in there and in the Vermont blvd area with Seser and had a lot of fun. I also remember mobbing a RTD office/station with Seser TDK, myself, and Flash UTI, I was lucky to have a poloroid camera with us that night to flick it. I also went back and got flicks of the The Def Kids piece me and Ges did that same night. Geser put me up on game about making your chapstick into a mini meanstreak, we also racked scribber spots together and paint and tip spots.

photo 12 photo 13Image-1-8

I wish I had taken more pics of Geser’s work, I introduced him to Dash2000 and we pieced with him at the woodman yard I started. I mobbed spots and got game from Ges TDK, and in turn got Geser into piecing on walls instead of just blackbooks. I lost touch with Sexer TDK first, his brother was Laser TAC, or Tag All City crew. I remember when OTR and TAC had a lot of Los Angeles in Hollywood hit hard on the streets and busses. Laser TAC was also a gangster from Drifters gang. I herd that Sexer got into Drifters also and just fazed out of writing. On a side note, Laser was up a lot too, and so was TAC crew in the mid 1980’s. Geser moved away in 1988 and that was that for Ges in graffiti, always wondered how far he would have gone if he ended up staying in a big city. I have to say these are great memories for me and wish I knew more about where ALL the TDK heads are now, if you know, hit us up so we can put heads back in the loop! Bus Mobbers Graffiti!

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Coming soon! New Bus Mobbers! New Interview with Keyes CBS, and Meagan Spendlove!

December 8, 2014 at 2:32 pm

Bus Mobbers! I talk about Pico Union’s TDK crew of Vermont Blvd. in Los Angeles and mobbing from Belmont High school to the Woodman yard!

Then on deck and ready to go we have 2 great interviews with Keyes CBS crew of Canada, and Meagan Spendlove from the Bay Area!

photo 2-4

Bus Mobbers! USC crew, from RTD bus writing to now.

November 4, 2014 at 12:54 pm




ELSER: What neighborhood did you grow up in and what neighborhood did you get your start in the Graffiti game?

HERT USC: 1. I grew up in Sylmar, San Fernando area,I started in Sylmar, San Fernando. I started writing probably like in 88′, 1989 I was RTD bus chasing until 1990, 91′. In 1992  I started doing black and silver’s, hitting the buses and going to paint spots. In 1992 I started thinking ” I can go paint black and silvers  on the freeways”, so we started hitting black and silver in a few easy spots at a time and thought, ” now that’s what’s cracking!”

In the old days where do you remember getting your paint?

2. A lot of Auto parts places, we would mob into auto parts places and rack them. Cans in the front of your pants, cans under each arm, wherever you could fit them! I remember one time aI was racking and a can slid out my belt line and down my pants as we were walking out and it landed on my foot!


Los Angeles 1980s and 1990s Oldies, THE WOODMAN YARD

October 21, 2014 at 11:03 am

I’ve decided to from time to time break out some oldies of mine. These pics are from my personal collection unless I say otherwise, and are now pretty old and rare. I’m happy to show that Love and show others the graffiti that inspired me as a kid growing up. I consider all these writers Kings, and heads that had an impact on LA graff. enjoy…



So These first pictures are some of the first pieces at the walls that became the Woodman Yard in SFV Los Angeles. These are not the very first ones ever, but soon after I first painted the walls solo, as a little practice spot next to my house. Im glad the Woodman Yard ended up bringing so many writers from different parts of LA together, it was really fun and an honor having played a part In LA Graff.

This first pic is Seser TDK, Elsem TDK, and a little DHR all in silver and blue, with Dasher UTI doing a nerd character nextto his DHR. Dash UTI was the first writer I invited to Woodman to paint other than neighborhood friend Seser, and this is the first thing Dash painted at Woodman in 1987. You can still see raw cinderblock wall behind our pieces.




LAPD’s online GANG graffiti

February 11, 2014 at 7:48 am


So here’s the deal youngsters, and old-timers, the LAPD trolls all of our sites, and instagram, and Facebook, etc, so I thought it was healthy and honest to see some of what they post up of “Gang Graffiti.” I hope I don’t ruffle any feathers, I’m not giving up anyones secrets, or shining any lights on fools, the LAPD already had these posted and on blast! I guess the funniest part was what they thought note worthy to post, and what fell into the “Gang Graffiti,” category. Gang Graffiti has a long history in Los Angeles, and you can see it has made its way both across the walls of the world now, and into the gallery circuit. I personally  respect and love gangster “hand styles,” having grown up with them, and am facinated by the evolution of the letters over the years. I was wondering what the LAPD was showing these days, and was amazed at just how much they have out there on the web.

RTD bus mobbers beef back in 1990.

August 11, 2013 at 12:01 pm

So I am writing this for those who remember and those who want to know. My memory is a little fuzzy on some parts, so don’t get mad if I don’t get my stories perfect, I’m trying my best. These pics are not from that day, but are too help paint the picture of what was going on at the time. Thank you to Sase and Soar NTS, NSR for the pics, and shout out to all that were there or who remember those days and wild times. Enjoy.


It was a school day, that I remember. I was on my 6th high school now, I just kept getting booted out from school to school. It was the end of the RTD bus mobber days, it was 1990, the tail end of the bus tagging terror. There was still RTD police, undercovers, and Hero’s were still dumb and brave enough to try and stop you from writing. I linked up with NTS that day, we were headed to Hunnington Park. It was Simple, Rist, Rust, and Shank NTS, NBT crews, and in downtown we linked up with Kae187 and Sae KTL crew who were destroying it at the time. As we rode the RTD we also ran into and linked up with Orbit NTS, KSR who was with his boy. I think I was one of the only writers there who wasn’t NTS, but man I loved NTS bus writer handstyles, so so fresh!


We started getting wild as we got closer and closer to the infamous Hunnington Park $2 movie theatre, where all kinds of LA bus mobbers used to meet up. The NTS crew started talking on the bus as we rode, chopping it up that there was beef brewing with a crew KCC. At the time Devo Kcc was crushing RTD lines, along with a couple of his crew mates, and it had started a little ego battle with NTS who had been on top of the bus game for the past couple years, atleast in that part of LA for sure.

Orbit and Rust and Simple were talking about the movie theatre and how both crews were going to meet up and figure the beef out, maybe throw down, but as we talked we kept getting more and more hyped up. It wasn’t my beef, we had formed UFK a little while back and we were a small crew and tight knight. NTS was atleast 100 heads at the time, and theres a good chance it was a lot larger than that. I started to wonder how it was all going  to play out, it was a different time for street graffiti. Mobbers were getting crazier and crazier, with full driver side can tags, front windsheild tags, bus rooftops, plus gangs and large bus mobbing crews were starting to bleed together. NWA was rapping about shooting police, there was crazy gang beef in the streets, and all this was before LAPD hired another 50,000 officers for the streets.

I remember getting off the line and Devo KCC was hitting the bus we got off of. He knew we were writers and hit us up, all the NTS crew claimed NTS, and he asked if we knew about the meeting at the movie theatre?

It was a weird moment, with that thick uncomfortable silence, where you can tell if someone talks loud or yells, that all hell would brake loose. But it didn’t, and some more KCC boys came through, and all of us just walked the next 2 blocks together mostly in silence, hitting landmarks here and there with streaks and Uni’s as we went. I kept thinking it was a weird position to be in, but everyone was cool about it, and we got there in just a little while.

I know when I was young I always felt like I missed all the good shit. Capone and the gangsters in their hayday, 1950’s cars fresh off the assembly line, all sorts of things I wished I had been there for. Now that I’m older I realize I was just there for different moments in history. That’s the way I always feel about it now at least.


When we hit the theatre it was like turning the corner and seeing the Coliseum full of Gladiators in full gear. There were Bus Crews and Mobbers everywhere, atleast 300, but could have been 600 easy. All sorts of LA crews were there too, KWS, PFK, NBT, and many more, but no one was hitting busses yet, everyone was hyped on the NTS, KCC showdown, and both crews were there in force. You could feel it in the air, like any second we were going to rip the walls of the theatre down. The Theatre was run down to all hell, seats tagged on, cushins ripped off of some seats, there were 2 security gaurds with bullet proof vests on searching us to get in the theatre. How the place was still open ins amazing in itself.

Simple was so fucken funny, he was jumping and pacing around yelling out “NTS, NTS!” over and over again next to me. Simple was still a little younger than us and just really coming into his style as a writer. I still to this day think that Simple from LA, and Twist from San Fran were 2 of the best handstyle writers California ever came up with. We linked up with Sek NTS, and I think Skez NTS was there too.

The theatre started to devide up, and Crews started yelling. All the deplomicy was out the window, no sit down talks, no discussions, just yelling across the theatre at each other. SEK NTS yelled out “Who has beef with NTS?”

No one answered so he yelled it out again. There was a pause, and the NTS crew started getting jumpy a sif they had punked KCC. Sek started to yell the question out again, but someone on the other side cut him off with a “KCC!” yelled at the top of his lungs.


That was it, it busted loose. No fighting, but a bunch of mobbs running up on each other with tuff talk. I wasn’t sure if KCC was just yelling out their crew, or saying they had beef, I don’t think it mattered anymore. I kept hearing there was beef, and to go outside. For me it was a trip because I was just watching it all, taking it in. None of the beef had anything to do with me or my smaller crew, so I could just sit back and watch it all play out. As everyone spilled out the theatre, all elbows and chins knocking into each other, I could see now everyone was mobbing busses, just hitting and tagging everything. I remember the bus drivers shocked face as 20 different kids hit the bus. He got over it quick when he saw the crowd, and just went straight faced, as if he didn’t see anything. Everyone mobbed the next 3 busses, and I kept hearing that NTS was going to start dissing KCC, It just kept getting more and more hyped up. I know after that they beefed for a little while, but it eventually went away. Both crews were kings, we were just to young to know that back then.


With in the next 10 minutes we got rolled on by LA county sheriffs, they just swarmed in on us. Everyone ran, off jumping on different bus lines coming and going. I tried to blend in and got bumped up quick with Simple. They cuffed us, sweated us for about 10 minutes, then cut us loose with an earfull of shit talking. It was all a game, we didn’t have or do anything serious enough for them to bring us in, plus cops never want to bring in kids on small charges who arn’t scarred or who don’t give a fuck. There was no thrill of the hunt and capture here.

I guess the funny thing about this story is that it was just a typical day back then, just another funny day of writing and out there catching our ups. Now as I’m older I realize it was a time in LA graffiti history. And I also realize graffiti keeps growing and growing, so even those long off times now mean something because we were breaking ground in what it all turned out to today. Thank you os Angeles, thank you bus mobbers.

Los Angeles 1980s and early 1990s oldies

July 30, 2013 at 1:41 am


I’ve decided to from time to time break out some oldies of mine. These pics are from my personal collection unless I say otherwise, and are now pretty old and rare. I’m happy to show that Love and show others the graffiti that inspired me as a kid growing up. I consider all these writers Kings, and heads that had an impact on LA graff. enjoy…

Please remember to click on all pics to enlarge.

This first piece is Mek FLY ID, CBS and TCS (TOO COLD SMOOTH) crew on the west side in 1993, this pic wasnt taken by me but is in my collection now. Fresh piece


This next piece is a short lived crew UNT or Untouchables, or Unity. I always thought it was a fresh crew and was a little bumed to see it not make it, but a lot of the members went on to LOD, and that crew is still running strong today.

UNT by Hex, Sleez and Mosh UNT at Belmount Tunnel in 1989.securedownload-11

the next pick is Super from PTI at Moter Yard in 1989. You can see the pastel late 1980s early 1990s Krylon colors at work here.


Doom BC posing infront of his piece/throwie Pan Pacific Yard in 1988. BC was the first Crew to really rock the fatcap style really strong, wich at the time became known as a very ‘West LA Style” that was contriversial to LA sharper handstyles.securedownload-13

“Piece To Impress” at Moter Yard in 1989 or 1990. This was a crew spell out by PTI that was for a battle with UTI over the crew letters being too close. UTI never showed up for whatever reason, but PTI still painted.I had all the pics of the Impress letters also, but missplaced them for now, sorry.securedownload-14

Dye and Ever of WCA BC in 1991 at Moter Yard, Im really feeling Dye’s style and cleanness on this one.securedownload-15

This next one is someone I will show more pictures of later, and was a true Los Angeles style changer. I meen his style changed the way many LA writers painted. This is Realm KSN at Moter yard in 1992.securedownload-16

This Last pic is SER WCA BC in West LA inthe early 1990s right before he hit his Bombing hight in LA, SER went on to crush LA freeways and heavens.securedownload-17

Los Angeles 1980s and early 1990s oldies

July 13, 2013 at 1:10 am


I’ve decided to from time to time break out some oldies of mine. These pics are from my personal collection unless I say otherwise, and are now pretty old and rare. I’m happy to show that Love and show others the graffiti that inspired me as a kid growing up. I consider all these writers Kings, and heads that had an impact on LA graff. enjoy…

These first two pics are oldies from the 101 Hollywood freeway. The first is 1985 or 1986 and is Shem, X-Men and SK8, X-men crew. Shem moved from New York and was the first writer I ever saw using Fat caps in LA. At that time LA styles were thin and sharp, and were developing into oneline tags that domonated from 1987-1989. The fat cap tag was an LA game changer. Also this piece was also done by SK8 of CBS crew when for a short time he was pushing X-men crew also. 101 1985 or 86

The second pic is the Hollywood 101 again, but was the beginning of the LA freeway bombing days. This piece was the first of this size and detail on a freeway in LA and really turned heads.This was a West Coast Kings production done on the freeway at night by Rise KSN, Rev KSN, Risk WCA, and I beleive a couple other people. WCK was a combo crew of WCA and KSN, meshing the names together to form and allstar crew WCK. It was short lived though with the JA beef breaking the side crew up. 101 1988

securedownload-11 securedownload-8These next 3 pics are from Grem GFA KSN crews. I credit Grem and BABA for being the ones who first took me to real LA yards and really helping me out in the beginning.

Grem shark in Burbank alley. 1986 or 87.

“Ain’t No Thang” by Grem GFA KSN, with help from Plex, and Straight GFA at Charlie King’s skateboard ramp in Burbank 1986.

Grem at Woodman yard SVV Los Angeles 1988


“Shasta” pice by Duster UA, and BABA UA, STN, KSN piece. BABA had a long running freindship with Duster and when I hopped the wall to the Woodman yard they were there painting with Beth, Duster’s girlfriend who I happened to go to Pacomia Jr High with (small world) It was a trip to hop a wall and at 17 be face to face with a New York Legend  at a graffiti yard I started myself. 1989 Woodman Yard.

UTI by SKILL UTI AND MASTER UTI woodman Yard 1989. This was part of a “Flash” pice they did for the homie when he got locked up. Very clean! Woodman yard 1989.


Mek FLY ID crew at Motor Yard 1991.

Panic LOD SH UTI in Downtown LA in 1992 I beleive.

Mear CBS and Dyme CBS 1991 or 92 in Hollywood Melrose alleys.


Los Angeles 1980’s & 91 Oldies

June 19, 2013 at 12:29 am


I’ve decided to from time to time break out some oldies of mine. These pics are from my personal collection unless I say otherwise, and are now pretty old and rare. I’m happy to show that Love and show others the graffiti that inspired me as a kid growing up. I consider all these writers Kings, and heads that had an impact on LA graff. enjoy…

This first pic is Melrose Blvd in Hollywood done by KSN crew, it says DOPE, this piece became a battlefield with NYC’s JA dissing it, and then being dissed, and back and forth. A fresh piece by KSN though. 1991


These amazing characters are by Slick, and were some of the first characters ever with the flourecent under lighting. That tecnique became a common practice in graffiti, and was pioneered by SLICK K2S. 1989


Ash WCA BC at Motor Yard in West LA. 1989



This Crew shout was done by Mandoe and Neo of the MAK crew. This was done street side at Belmount Tunnel Los Angeles, where you entered, and I always thought was a fresh spot to hit for heads strolling in. 1990


This is Charlie DTK painting “Eight” with character by Slick K2S, at Motor yard in 1990


this is Charlie DTK at DTK yard Sun Valley SFV in 1988, then Step DTK and Enemy DTK (I cant remember if Enemy is another Charlie side name or not) and last Sandy by Charlie DTK. This was a short lived yard that Im pretty sure only 4 or 5 people ever got pictures of at all, so enjoy!





MORE Los Angeles 1980’s oldies

June 5, 2013 at 2:57 am

securedownload-20 - Version 2

I’ve decided to from time to time break out some oldies of mine. These pics are from my personal collection unless I say otherwise, and are now pretty old and rare. I’m happy to show that Love and show others the graffiti that inspired me as a kid growing up. I consider all these writers Kings, and heads that had an impact on LA graff. enjoy.



This first pic is OG Slick K2S at Sunset and Fairfax “Sunfax” in 1989

The 2nd pic is Dream SMD and Risk WCA at “Sunfax” in 1988-89

The 3rd pic is Grem KSN GFA posing next to his character at “Sunfax” yard corner 1987, behind the AM PM for those who know!

The 4th pic is Rev KSN in action at “Sunfax” For those who dont know Rev was one of LA’s character masters in the 1980’s and went on to design the album covers for Infectious Groove in the 90’s.

securedownload-15 securedownload-14 securedownload-16 securedownload-17



This next pic is from The KGB crew from the west side. This Crew shout they did was painted in 1986 and flicked in 1988 still untouched. That was a big deal in those days as tagging blew up. KGB, “Kids Gone Bad” crew

The pic after that is Phoe BC KSN at Pan Pacific yard on the west side of Los Angeles. 1988

securedownload-18 securedownload-19