Bus Mobbers! USC crew, from RTD bus writing to now.

November 4, 2014 at 12:54 pm




ELSER: What neighborhood did you grow up in and what neighborhood did you get your start in the Graffiti game?

HERT USC: 1. I grew up in Sylmar, San Fernando area,I started in Sylmar, San Fernando. I started writing probably like in 88′, 1989 I was RTD bus chasing until 1990, 91′. In 1992  I started doing black and silver’s, hitting the buses and going to paint spots. In 1992 I started thinking ” I can go paint black and silvers  on the freeways”, so we started hitting black and silver in a few easy spots at a time and thought, ” now that’s what’s cracking!”

In the old days where do you remember getting your paint?

2. A lot of Auto parts places, we would mob into auto parts places and rack them. Cans in the front of your pants, cans under each arm, wherever you could fit them! I remember one time aI was racking and a can slid out my belt line and down my pants as we were walking out and it landed on my foot!


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Who were your early influences and homies you used to go writing with?

3. In the late 80s and 90s I bus chasing with my my homies from the crew. I met the homies by the hallway, Prism and Render, they they kind of got me into writing.  It was cool, they used to give me markers,  mean streaks  and prismacolors, I still have that black book with them up in it I think!  I bus chased with them in the beginning. A writer whose style I liked a lot is Simple. Simple was running the buses, so I would say that big Simple was an early influence. I kicked it with Kraze. Kraze was hitting buslines real good, he’s a cool cat and was up a lot. I remember meeting up with other heads, we would be to go mobbing deep. A bunch of us on the bus, mobbing from all kinds of different sides!  I went to school with Sase and  Soar, man there was so many heads that I kicked it with and in those days, its hard to name them all.


I remember meeting up later, I think I was USC then, where we would meet up at panorama mall and mob busses. Later it became the Sherman Oaks galleria, but we would meet up deep! Sometimes 2 full busses of writers, so many heads! We would go out places just mobbing the whole way, hitting everything, windows, inside, outside, getting scribes, everything! I give a lot of credit to Simple too, because he was like the ring leader then too. Simp would hype us all up, and he had those fresh connecters back then, up all over. Plus I used to run into Smurf on the bus too, he was a real bus writer, always on the lines!

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Damn, you just brought back a flood of memories for me too. I met Simple before he was NTS, then I remember seeing him up getting better tags. Then I remember Simple getting into NTS and getting even better and better, and more and more up! Simple did it in those days! Ok, Lets talk about when you started painting pieces, who were your influences then, and how did that start?

4. I was hitting busses deep in 1990, 91, the early 1990s, then I started painting yards around 1992. I give it up to Toons, who showed me a lot and helped me out when he first saw I was starting to get my can control down. We went to different yards to paint. I tried to hit as many different yards as I could, putting the crew up. Different yards like, Sylmar, Van Nuys(Woodman Yard), Motor Yard, Sanbourn Yard, the busses had kinda died down at that point.


Yup, I remember everyone was starting to hit freeways with silver bubbles, or straight letters by 1991, 1992, Heads were trying to catch landmarks! Sorry to interrupt, go on about hitting the yards.

I hit yards for a while in the early 1990s, then I died down for a while myself. I was laying low for awhile until T LOKS got me back into painting again. I painted South Central a lot at T LOKS yard for a while. I was painting South Central with Aloy, Evol, Haeler, Colt45, and others. We were doing some cool stuff for a while, then it got to be there was too many Knuckleheads in that crew and everyone went their own way.


By then I was strong with USC again and we were putting on new members and building in other cities and other states too.I haven’t kept track of how many members we have right now, it might be like 50. I think it’s 50, I’m going to check, but we got the LA chapter, my San Diego Chapter. The San Diego crew’s chapter is real strong  for five guys, strong painters. One of the San Diego heads has already killed like 200 trains! USC has a guy in Tennessee, he had like three homies he’s put in. We got three Chicago USC’s. The homie Ratex that we let them back in the day, up in Seattle. He let someone in in Seattle. We have like 20 cats from USC in El Salvador and some that are Nicaragua and get up USC!  The Central America homies, they destroy that city with USC! We also still got the homie Toons in Germany.

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I know Im putting you on the spot right now, and we have been talking old graffiti stories, but do you remember one funny story that comes to mind?

Ya the story I was talking about earlier, where we were 2 full busses out mobbing, that story was funny! We kept mobbing the bus, and the driver saw us and didn’t say anything. When the driver didn’t say anything to us we got hyped up and started hitting the bus harder. So as we’re killing the bus, the driver gets mad and pulls over and says he’s calling the cops. The driver doesn’t open the doors to let anyone off, so we started sweating it. Then someone, I’m not sure who, someone popped the window out of the emergency exit! All the writers started popping the windows out on both sides of the busses and jumping out. I looked back and saw all sorts of writers jumping out of the bus on both sides, then the Bus driver opens the front door and started yelling at us was. The RTD driver looked hot, like he was mad we got away! So because the driver was yelling at us we turned around and started mobbing the outside of the bus too. We hit  driverside, up top, everywhere!  Then we just scattered and were out! We would always meet up again, you know how it was in those days. Hit the bus and do it all again, it was fun!

Do you have any upcoming projects you want to talk about, and any shout outs you wanna give Hert? I also wanted to say thank you for chopping it up with Neighborhood Love and giving some of your RTD bus and graffiti history to all the heads out there. Was real fresh to hear, and a lot of fun going back homie!

5. Up coming project, I have the spray paint tips I have been doing, I want to tell everybody to get at me if you want any, and to hit me up if there is a certain color you want. I also want to say I’m airbrushing again, so anyone who wants airbrushing work, hit me up! I wanna give it to all my Valley heads out there, and I wanna give a shout to all the old Valley heads who have still been holding it down!  A shout to A12 from back in the day, a shout to my crew TNT! I wanna give a shout to CBS, ICR and UFK from back in the day, plus to Nat at the Basement 818, for holding down hip hop in the valley and giving writers a spot! Last thanks to Neighborhood love too, for hitting me up!


These tips that Hert made are dope, you best believe Im going to buy some!

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