Blackbooking in Queens, NYC

August 23, 2013 at 5:07 pm

So I had to wake up super early for my flight to New York City, and that’s fine, I’m a trooper and can take it. The flight from Los Angeles was cool, it just sometimes goes by quick and sometimes slow. this time it felt like forever. Off the plane I had to get swooped up by my boy 4sakn, then he was off to work. I walked around Jersey City and took pics of street tags and stickers for a couple of hours, then at 6:00pm I took the train in to NYC and linked up with Hoacs. This is where it gets funny.

So at this point I have been up since 4:00 am, and I’m starting to feel it a little. I have been lugging my backpack and travel duffle with me everywhere all day. I figured me and Hoacs would smash some food and I would crash out. Hoacs tells me that he understands if I’m tired, but RF from WSK, TMR is having a Blackbook session with a bunch of heads and we were invited to stop by.

Now I should let you know right now that one of my all time favorite NYC bombers was Saint TMR. When I was 17 in 1989 and working in NYC for the summer, Saint TMR had the city on lock! Saint TMR had smashed it, and TMR was a feared bombing crew that NYC heads kept the look out for, so they wouldn’t get caught and catch a righteous beating!


So the little kid in me is thinking, “that’s fresh,  I gotta meet these dudes, I don’t care how tired I am.” So off we go to RF’s house in Queens.

The next 4 and a half hours are a blur, but I’m going to tell you what I remember and what went down and the gist of it all.

When I got there I met a bunch of heads, who seamed like they didn’t care I was there, but also seamed like they wanted to see what I was about at the same time. For you that don’t know NYC writers, and especially NYC bombers have a belief that if you can piece fresh but can’t throw a fresh bubble letter or tag, then that’s wack, and your just an art fag. Real NYC writer thinking, and I can’t say I think it’s completely wrong either. So when they started shoving blackbooks, then Subway maps, then canvases at me to hit and see what I did as far as bubble letters and handstyles, I wasn’t real surprised. But I could feel them loosen up, and after a couple of beers we were all telling jokes and war stories and catching up and having a great time. I am 41 now, and some of these dudes where a little older than me, some 10 years older, and it was really cool seeing different generations of NYC writers kicking it and chopping it up, doing what started it all in graffiti. Hanging out hitting blackbooks, what a great night. I kept laughing, and all these guys were MAD COOL, good people.

Please enjoy some of what we drew that night, and some of what I found in the many, many books I came across. Big ups to WSK, TMR,XX1, and FX and all the others there that night.

Last, A big thank you to RF and MZer, really good people and great hosts.



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