ART Basil Miami 2013

January 7, 2014 at 7:45 am



Art Basil 2014 was my first time in Miami. There was a huge amount of talented artists there and people having a great time, and there was tons to see with so much artwork on all the surounding walls. I personally planned badly for the event, having it come up so fast after my wedding and the holidays. I wish I could say I had a great time and partied with artists and millionaires till our legs gave out, but that didn’t happen for me. I actually bounced out after only one day and came home to Los Angeles. I quickly realized that the homies that said “I got you on walls”, were too busy, and that it was going to be a fight to get mine, and I just wasn’t in the mood and really felt like I was going to spend too much money while there.


I was smart enough to take pics while I was there though. The streets were teaming with artists and artwork, as well as hundreds of “art fans”  and “media.” I kinda felt like Art Basil was a circus and if you had your spotlight, then you were fine. If not it was a fight for fame and recognition. Not to take away from the amazing talent there, there was many top artists, and lots of amazing artwork! I do admire street art, but I found myself not taking pictures of really nice artwork that was of a common style, namely rainbow colored girls faces, and rainbow colored, well, everything. A lot of the street art looked the same to me and lacked some originality to me. But I guess thats the cycle of trends. But there was plenty to look at, and plenty of FRESH work still.

Click on pictures to enlarge and see the detail, enjoy…

IMG_7914 photo-7IMG_7922IMG_7925

This was on of my favorite at Basil right here. Yes2 is so FRESH! I was also feeling his old school style and flow on this one, and style of color and fill, just a classic! The walls surrounding the Yes2 piece were more graffiti than street art and were a beautiful mix of American and European graffiti.IMG_7930IMG_7927IMG_7929IMG_7928IMG_7910IMG_7911IMG_7963

I was also really feeling the rough style of these Minatours that were painted in what looked like a combo of house painting brushes and rollers. It stood out as different to me from everything else, and for some reason really caught my eye.


Super nice “Survive” piece done by LTS crew. This was also the name of the art show they were having at Art Basil. Click on picture to enlarge and see the detail also.IMG_7923IMG_7918IMG_7960IMG_7961IMG_7984IMG_7984

This was my last happy surprise. I was able to see The London Police doing a photo shoot and just kicking it and goofing around. These two artists are another group I really admire who are always a couple steps ahead of the pack.